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Buda Jinding

Otro: Dafo Jinding

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Récord: 48 m

Tipo: Estatuas




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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Dunhua

Año: 2011

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Sea Dongsheng country, Xing ancestral land, the ancient capital, large Dedun of. Ching Wing load the dojo, Chengze to Foli was, planetarium drop Rui good weather, the marketplace do now peacefulness. For protecting world peace, Cathay Pacific affairs Long, Northeast China, Jilin prosperity should be the reincarnation of Buddha heart and vow, another way to force believers Kai please, this has release Jia Fozu, multiply willing to come. Clouds have been sitting lotus, is shown now on Ching Temple dojo, drop in six Swiss mountain top. To solemn temple, to greet the Buddha, Sakyamuni Tathagata true of the current phase of agility, Dunhua the Buddha Master Ching Temple abbot returned from overseas, led a disciple living in monasteries, on top of the mountain monasteries, built a statue of outdoor statues, statue called " Dunhua Jinding Buddha. "

Jinding Buddha sit north of the south, backed Mudanjiang, former pro Ching Temple, Changbai afar, and Hong Kong Tian Tan Buddha distant relative, in fact, a Buddha and two body at the North-South divide, co-woo land of China, to the faithful special education all over the world, blessings. Designed like a total height of 48 m body, the eighth day of the lunar tables Buddha's birthday; Buddha body 38.4 meters. Among them, the "3" table Buddha "Dhammakaya, reported that the body should be the body"; "8" table Buddha "eight complementary Road"; "4" table "Four Noble Truths." Lotus seat height 9.6 m. "9" table "Nine Dharma"; "6" table "Six Degrees"; Lotus four, watch the "big four" petals 80, Table Buddha "eighty good"; 32 m diameter lotus, table Buddha "three twelve-phase. " Thereby forming a "Dunhua Jinding Foji": "Chuba drop Saha, three body Purana guitar edge close relative of thirty nine circles, eighty six times better now Xianjie Dharma Wisdom into eight complementary way. owned by Ching. Four Noble Truths taking the Buddha fruit, nothing being party to the Buddha. "(Moonlight Shadow)

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