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Buda de Xunxian

Otro: Xunxian Dafo, Pishan Dafo


Récord: 22.29 m

Tipo: Estatuas




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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Xun County, Hebi, Henan

Año: s. IV

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Great Pi Mountain is located east of Henan Xun County, is a large stone mainly Buddhist culture and Confucianism, Taoism "three religions" coexist in the mountain national 4A level tourist area. Great Pi Shan 1.75 km long from north to south, east-west width of 0.95 km, an area of ​​1.66 square kilometers, the highest elevation of 135 meters, the relative height of 70 m. Because then Dayu board, is enshrined in our earliest history books, "Book • yugong" chapter, history called "Yu Gong mountains." After that, the Han Guangwu, Emperor Li Shimin Zhao Kuangyin so has had six emperors left their footprints, Pi, Jia Dao, Wang Wei, Wang Yangming and other men of letters left behind hundreds of well-known poems, bluestone cliff Cliff engraved ancient calligraphers left inscriptions, inscription, "God pen Wang Duo," the authentic has become a "national security." Imperial elite boarding, which greatly enhance the cultural quality of large Pi mountain and give them a permanent charm.

Large stone cut in the period after the Sixteen Kingdoms Zhao Schleswig, 22.29 meters high, dating back nearly 1,700 years of "Qi Zhang Hachijo stone floor" reputation, by experts as "the earliest, the North's largest." State Council on June 25, 2001 will be a large stone and stone for the country published a total of 10 cultural relics protection. Big Buddha in religion, politics, sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, history, rich in meaning, has attracted the attention of experts and scholars, is a sign of great Pi mountain tourist areas.

1 large stone origin: the Ming Dynasty magistrate the compilation in Junxian "Jun County," contains: "Schleswig Cheng's words to the Buddha figure, Chan Yashi as statues, high Xunzhang, to the town of Yellow Tuoba Wei cover. . to re-Court late Yuan, destroyed the soldiers 'search' Spring • Sixteen Kingdoms Zhao Lu ": Schleswig, Jie tribe, after the Sixteen Kingdoms Zhao king. Buddha figure Cheng, Tianzhu monk, Jin Yongjia four years (AD 310 years) came to Luoyang, according to the East China Sea King Sima Yue early development of Buddhism, then seek refuge Schleswig. Great Pi Shandong Yellow River flows through time. Zhou Ding Wang five years (BC 602 years), "the river must lodge xukou (now about 25 kilometers southwest Junxian), never in the sun, by the large Pi Shandong, northeast to go." Since the Qin and Han dynasties, the Yellow River in the vicinity of repeated decisions Liyang repeatedly collapse. For a long time, people suffer from flooding, unable to resist. To relieve flooding sustenance in the day, God. Buddha figure Buddhist Cheng strong push to seize the opportunity, through the mountains in large Pi cut big stone "to the town of Yellow River" as an excuse, a "Peoples cheer." Therefore, the large stone known as "the town of River generals."

2, the overall characteristics: Big Buddha is a good Jiafu Zuo footer for the big Maitreya Buddha: screw head hair, a round face side cheek, slightly trapezoidal; between the amount of "Pekoe phase", head-head, lips closed, face solemn ; shoulders Qi Ting, the neck is longer, there are three lines of meat. Left knees, palms down; right Qugong before the move, palms outward, showing "fearless India." Take four weeks square pier, feet on Yang Lian. Flush toe, foot straight lines sketchy. Large stone chisel on Forest Hill High and cliff together, called "Buddha Rocks." Buddha House, the original seven shelf of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Sui, Tang, Zhou Dynasty were rebuilt. Motosue, destroyed BingXian. Today's Buddha House is built in the Ming Dynasty orthodox decade.

3. Development and Influence: Northern Wei rulers mostly Buddhist, Xing Buddha Temple rife. Filial Emperor Ming Empress Dowager Hu cave temple built in Yique lasted twenty-four years. After Masamitsu, built the temple over 30,000. Then Liyang lookout ingratiate oneself. Jiajing thirty-eight years, "the Third Temple rebuilt temple monument" contains: "...... stamped with the world, that this mountain to summer, Yu name." Book ", saying: guided river 'As for the big Pi' week. The end to Zigong name (mountain) east south, thanks mound in Yan. Guangwu (Dili) building green altar (to) its top, with green altar Chinese name. Don Big Buddha name, or when Maitreya's like cutting ....... Guinea miles south and away, the only large mountain Pi, Temple on to Tinian name. Mountain Buddha, a thousand two hundred years, the rise and fall of Jiji. " By inference, the Buddha's cut just after the Sixteen States Period Zhao.

Large stone that far-reaching historical impact: Great Pi Grand Buddha, as China's first large-scale cut stone, is an outstanding representative of early grotto art is the history of Buddhism in China to attract the world's cultural heritage monument, and even the history of Buddhism in the world It occupies a very important position. First, create the first of China's earliest large stone cut; the second is the birth of Buddhist temple, caves, shrines and other stone art mushrooming in northern China; third off a Buddhist culture in Central Plains widespread climax; four is formed In "Two Mountains" as the gathering center of the "North China's largest temple will"; five is to become China hosted the World Buddhist stone carving art logo.

Qing Dynasty temple there Junxian 30 places, of which Pi mountain temple, Kokokuji, Fuqiu Mountain Qian Fosi, huge bridge welcome Temple, Zhai village shop Dalai Fu Sheng Temple, White Temple Kaiyuan Temple, Buddhist charities When the Temple considerable size and influence. In addition, a large stone dug by the impact, only a big Pi existing hill from the Northern Qi Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty consisting of 13 shrines shrines base. With a variety of successive years of natural disasters and wars frequently, people survive on hope and happiness expectations are pinned on the worship of the Buddha, then it has gradually become a big Pi mountain people pay homage to the Yellow River, "the Buddhist saint mountain."


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