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Central hidroeléctrica del Kama

Otro: Presa y Embalse del Kama


Récord: 12200 hm³

Récord de Altura: 15 m

Tipo: Presas




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Continente: Europa

País: Rusia

Localización: Krai de Perm sobre el Río Kama

Año: 1956

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:El Embalse del Kama, también conocido como embalse de Perm (ruso:Камское водохранилище, Пермское водохранилище) es un embalse formado por la presa de la Central Hidroeléctrica del Kama (KamGuES, КамГЭС) -con una potencia de 516 MW, sobre 483 MW en origen, produciendo 1,71 GWh por año, cercana a Perm, construida entre 1954 y 1956. Forma parte de la cascada hidroeléctrica del Volga-Kama.

El embalse del Kama tiene una superficie de 1,915 km² y un volumen de agua de 12,2 km³. Su longitud sobre el río Kama es de 272 km, con una anchura máxima de 30 km y una profundidad media de 6,3 m -la máxima son 30 m . El Embalse del Kama fue creado para beneficio del transporte, la energía y el suministro de agua. También regula el flujo de las crecidas del río.

En sus orillas están situadas las ciudades de Perm, Dobrianka, Chórmoz, Bereznikí, Usolie y Solikamsk.

Kama hydroelectric power station

The station is located on the Kama River in the Ordzhonikidze district of the city of Perm. The emergence of GES gave impetus to the development of the right bank of the cities began active urban infrastructure construction, new businesses opened navigation on tributaries of the Kama. Construction of the Kama HPP began in 1949, and already 18 September 1954 was launched the first hydraulic unit. Yes, yes, next year at our plant big anniversary — 60 years of age. In the commercial operation of the station was introduced June 20, 1958, while the design capacity was 504 MW. Today, the installed capacity of a little more and is 531 MW, while generation is — 1 946.47 million kW. h and useful output — 1 910.82 million kW. h (data for 2012). The peculiarity of the Kama HPP is a combination of the power from the dam spillway, which is shared by 24 weirs span, each of which has a single hydraulic unit (turbine and generator). Our plant them 23. Another feature of the station is that on past road links connecting the left and right bank, through the facilities of HPP pass the railroad tracks, and the traffic is pretty peppy. The total length of structures on the waterfront is 2.5 km. Administrative Kama HPP January 9, 2008 is a part of "RusHydro" as an affiliate.

For more information on our plant can be found on the company’s website:

Kama hydroelectric complex consists of a concrete spillway dam, combined with the power house, the riverbed and floodplain alluvial dams and sudodohodnym gateway. But with him and start our large collection station, the dispatch of these gateways is a very interesting architectural structure, which gives the whole panorama of the grand and graceful appearance.

Kama hydropower station (KamHPP) is located on the Kama river in Perm Krai, in the city of Perm. Included in the Volga-Kama cascade HPPКамская_ГЭСКамское_водохранилище


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