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Estatua de Sam Houston en Huntsville

Otro: A Tribute to Courage (Un Tributo al Coraje)


Récord: 20.50 m

Tipo: Estatuas




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Continente: América

País: Estados Unidos

Localización: Huntsville, Texas

Año: 1994

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:El monumento llamado "Un tributo al Coraje" es una estatua de Sam Houston que se encuentra en Huntsville, Texas. Sam Houston es un importante héroe de Texas. La estatua del escultor David Adickes tiene 67 pies de altura y fue construido en 1994. Es claramente visible para los automovilistas hacia el norte en la carretera interestatal 45.

The former Soviet Union had a habit of erecting giant statues, mostly of the founding father of communism, Lenin. The Soviets also named cities after their two most prominent revolutionaries, Lenin and Stalin, Leningrad and Stalingrad. The Soviet Union also always liked to brag about being the first, the biggest and the best.

Texas has very little in common with the old Soviet Union.

However, there is this giant statue of Sam Houston, the tallest statue in the nation of a statesman. One sees the statue of Sam Houston when traveling on Interstate 45, south of Huntsville. It stands right beside the freeway, a mass of white noticeable at quite a distance and glowing bright at night. One passes the statue of Sam Houston when heading towards or away from the city named after him. Texas has another town named for another Texas founding father, Austin.

The parallels between Texas and the former Soviet Union seem to stop there, except there is that disturbing Gulag-like concentration camp-like collection of prisons on both sides of the freeway in Huntsville, very close to the statue of Sam Houston---and executions seem to take place there with almost a Soviet-like frequency.

The statue of Sam Houston is part of a nice little park with a visitor's center. Sam Houston stands about 170 miles south of Dallas and about 70 miles north of his namesake city. And just a bit south of the prisons in Huntsville where the Texas executions take place.

Giant Statue of Sam Houston

Huntsville, Texas

Huntsville offers odd extremes when it comes to tourism. As nexus of the Texas penal system, it provides convenient public viewing of "Old Sparky," the electric chair which sent 361 condemned criminals to the extra crispy regions during 40 years of service. You can see it at the Texas Prison Museum. When you're done admiring the shivs and contrabands displays, head south of town for a glimpse of the world's tallest statue of an American hero: Sam Houston.

At 67 feet tall (on a 10-foot-tall base) statue is named "A Tribute to Courage." Sam Houston, celebrated political architect of Texas, towers in concrete above Interstate 45, with walking cane and snappy duds of a 19th century statesman (though he could also be mistaken for a statue of P.T. Barnum). In the summer humidity of east Texas, we appreciate the tensile strength of one who could dress like this and still lead.

Stupendous Sam is touted in attraction literature as the second largest freestanding statue in the U.S., bested only by the allegorical and over-promoted Statue of Liberty (And, pssst... Roadsiders know of other statues taller than Sam, such as Tulsa's 76-foot-tall Golden Driller and Butte's 90-foot-tall Our Lady of the Rockies).

Artist David Adickes, born and schooled in Huntsville, sculpted this colossal monument to the man who still inspires Texans to reach lofty heights. Sam Houston (1793-1863) remembered the Alamo with his surprise victory/slaughter of Santa Anna's more experienced and professional Mexican Army at San Jacinto, then went on to become President of the Republic of Texas, Governor of the State of Texas, and a U.S. Senator.

Adickes started in early 1992, not exactly certain how he would accomplish the massive project. The 25-ton steel-and-concrete colossus is comprised of 10-foot sections, each containing five layers of concrete reinforced with steel straps. The outside layer includes a fiberglass mesh. It was dedicated on October 22, 1994.

Access is via the next I-exit, by following a parallel road behind a wooded park area. The entrance gift shop sells tiny reproductions of the statue, and a "Sam Houston Replica Cane" mounted on the wall. On the trail to the monument, visitors can pose with a large 3D version of the statue's face.

Adickes couldn't put down his chisel after finishing Sam Houston. He's the sculptor who spent subsequent years creating giant U.S. President heads that can be seen in Sam's namesake city, and in less-expected places as well.


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