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Gran Buda de Hongguang Shan


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Récord: 38.80 m

Tipo: Estatuas

Categoría: Estatuas Budistas



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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Urumqi, Xinjiang

Año: 2004

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Red mountain is located in the northeast of the downtown Urumqi, the Dongshan District clamp near the Gulf, a dozen years ago or a barren hills, now blows greenery. Covers an area of ​​about 3,000 acres of the main Central Park has been taking shape, the Attractions road has been built nearly 10 km, sun pool and three kilometers grape corridor. 210,000 square meters in the central Green Square and 70,000 m2 Blu-ray lake initial success, Sakyamuni Buddha bronze statue distant visible.

From Mountain main entrance the Wookiees road red up about 2.6 km from the red mountain eco-park (50 meters from the main entrance there is a small road leading to the red mountain top) along the way is spacious and clean asphalt road, the road is lined with flowers green in addition to trees, shrubs, fruit trees, flowers embraced on both sides of the trail leading to the statue, there was first built three kilometers of the scale of the promenade, go from afar, like a green Changlong cross lying in the red mountain mountainside. Grape corridor also has leisure pavilion for visitors to rest, enjoy the cool air, taste the delicious grapes. September of each year, I and my colleagues to buy some grapes, especially here Kyoho grape sweet attractive, no less than the Turpan grapes. Walked the vineyard tunicoides Bridge, looking ahead, holding a golden cudgel to clear the way in front of the Monkey King, riding a white Ryoma monk ... stands at the end of the promenade, these sculptures to life, as if the story took place in the mythology around. Before the line along the outside of the vineyard, Wildlife Ecological Park stroll leisurely ostrich in the tree-grass, the huge body walked up and down, the little head east shake West Akira interesting to the extreme. The park also wild animals such as red deer, wild donkeys, turkeys, ibex. Xinjiang only a research base of breeding Tibetan mastiff is here.

Red mountain is the most spectacular of Sakyamuni Buddha statue, statues up to 38.8 meters and a weight of more than a hundred tons, only bergamot 5.7 meters high, 2.6 meters high Buddha's ears. The world record on the first copper forging standing Buddha of Lingshan Buddha, 85 meters high and weighs 650 tons. Red mountain Sakyamuni Buddha bronze statue of a standing Buddha, to become the second largest copper made​​.


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