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Kolia Bhomora Setu



Récord: 3015 m

Récord de Anchura de Vano: 120 m

Tipo: Puentes




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Continente: Asia

País: India

Localización: Cruza el río Brahmaputra cerca Tezpur, Assam

Año: 1987

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Kolia Bhomora Setu

Construction dating back to over 2 and half decades (1987), the Kolia Bhomora Setu connects the Nagoan and Sonitpur Districts on the North and South Banks of River Brahmaputra. Built with pre-stressed concrete near Tezpur in Assam State, this Bridge is named after Ahom General Kalia Bhomora Phukan. Extending for a vast length of 3 kms, this bridge offers a unique view of the beautiful River Brahmaputra both on the Bridge and during a Boat ride under the Bridge.

The beauty of this Bridge lies in 25 out of 27 walls having open wells running to over 56 metres down to handle the seismic vibrations. The strata collected while digging of wells were combined with pebbles to get a stronger wall. The raft base was also used during the construction of this Bridge on the Northern abutment. This project was a prestigious one for the then Indian Government as it promised to connect the 7 Northern States to the Land. The project took 6 years with over 3015 m to complete and was thrown open to public use in 1987 to enable general public to pass through the River without difficulty.


Kolia Bhomora Setu is a pre-stressed concrete road bridge over the Brahmaputra River near Tezpur in Assam (India). It is named after the Ahom General Kolia Bhomora Phukan.[1]

This bridge connects Sonitpur on the north bank with Nagaon District on the south bank. The length of this bridge is 3015 meters. The construction of the bridge took place from 1981 to 1987.

The bridge helps the development of the North-East India. The Brahmaputra not only splits the state of Assam along its length but also cuts off the seven sister states of the North-East from the rest of the country.

The river having a catchments area of 280,000 km2 flows in the most unpredictable manners, occupying 12 km to 16 km of space at places and poses a challenge to the bridge engineers. Despite the pioneering efforts of the Railways at Saraighat, the Northeast continued to suffer from the long-felt lack of transportation network. Around 25 years later, Indian Railways have turned yet another dream into reality. The 2nd Brahmaputra Bridge has greatly accelerate march of the North eastern states towards 21st century.

Brahmaputra, one of the longer rivers in Asia with a total length of 2880 km – 920 km of which lie in India – had been bridged only at one place, the only link between the North Eastern states with the rest of the country. This 1.3 km rail-cum-road bridge, completed in 1962, was also constructed by Indian Railways. Road Bridge, Guwahati. The Assam PWD was entrusted with the job of making the road links on both side and unbelievably the whole task was completed even before the bridge was completed ahead of schedule. The main person behind was Late Lok Nath Barua(resident of Mazgoan, Tezpur), then Executive Engineer (Roads), who single handedly worked against odds. He was awarded a MEDAL of appreciation by Late Rajiv Gandhi on the inugration day of the bridge.



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