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Puente Greenville


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Récord: 4133 m

Récord de Anchura de Vano: 420 m

Tipo: Puentes

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Continente: América

País: Estados Unidos

Localización: Greenville, Mississippi and Lake Village, Arkansas

Año: 2007

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:U.S. Highway 82, U.S. Highway 61 and the Great River Road(Mississippi Highway 1) are the main transportation arteries through the Greenville area. U.S. Highway 82 is a major part of the Mississippi Delta's transportation network, as it connects to Interstate 55 and other major four-lane highways. Construction is currently underway on a new four-lane Greenville Bridge to cross the Mississippi River south of Greenville into Lake Village, Arkansas. This $206 million cable-stayed span once completed, will be the longest of its kind in the continental United States. It will replace the Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge as the primary bridge.

The Greenville Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge crossing the Mississippi River between the U.S. states of Arkansas and Mississippi.

The main span of the bridge was completed April 17, 2006, but has yet to open to traffic. When the approach roads are finished in early 2009, the bridge will carry US 82 (and, until the Charles W. Dean Bridge is built, US 278) across the river between Lake Village, Arkansas and Greenville, Mississippi. While the river is the commonly accepted state line, the official line lies on the east bank due to the river having shifted slightly westward since the boundary was set. Because of this, the Greenville Bridge is technically located entirely in Arkansas.

Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge

The Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge is a two lane cantilever bridge carrying US 82 and US 278 across the Mississippi River between Lake Village, Arkansas and Greenville, Mississippi. The bridge is named for Benjamin G. Humphreys II, a former United States Congressman from Greenville. A new bridge, the Greenville Bridge, is being built as a replacement slightly downriver. This is because the bridge is a navigation hazard for vehicles on the bridge as well as barges going underneath the bridge.


The Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge, which carried US-82 and US-278 across the Mississippi River for 70 years, was a navigation hazard from the day it was built just prior to World War II. The bridge wass located on a tight curve in the river with a strong cross-current flowing across the navigation channel near the bridge piers. Navigation through the bridge was much like threading the eye of a needle. Despite the Humphreys Bridge still being structurally sound, it was decided to replace that structure, with the new Greenville Bridge project being kicked off in 2001.

The replacement structure, a giant cable stayed bridge, is situated about about 2,800 feet downriver. It is located on a straight section of the river with a 1,300 foot span between the two 425 foot tall bridge towers. Like the old Humphreys Bridge, the Greenville Bridge is located almost entirely in Arkansas, including most of the eastern approach road. This is due to the river channel having moved west, but the state line remaining at the location of the old river channel.

Various web sites, including the official project web site, claimed that this would be the largest cable stay bridge in North America when completed. That claim appears to be incorrect given that the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina, has a span of over 1,500 feet and towers that are 575 feet tall. When the Greenville Bridge opened, it was the second largest cable stayed bridge in the US based on the 1,378 foot main channel span. It held the number two spot only nine months until the John James Audubon Bridge opened in May of 2011, which pushed the Greenville Bridge back to thrid place.


The Greenville Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Mississippi River carrying US 82 and US 278 between Greenville, Mississippi and Lake Village, Arkansas. When it opened in 2010, it was the fourth longest cable-stayed bridge in North America.

The Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge, the first bridge to connect the two towns, had become functionally obsolete. Its narrow road had only two lanes with no shoulders. Because of its location near a sharp bend in the Mississippi River, the bridge had become a hazard to river traffic; barges and towboats frequently collided with it. In 1994, a study concluded that a new bridge was needed and the old one should be torn down. Construction was begun in 2001 and the new bridge opened in 2010. In 2011, the process of removing the old bridge began.


http://www.arkansas.com/photo-gallery/?city=Lake Village&page=2


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