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Buda de las Grutas de Xumishan

Otro: Guyuan Sumeru Buddha


Récord: 20.60 m

Tipo: Estatuas




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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Mount Xumi, Guyuan in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Año: s. V-X

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Guyuan - Sumeru Grottoes


In Guyuan County, south of Sumeru, a hundred many caves, collectively, the "Sumeru Grottoes", "Sumeru" is the Sanskrit transliteration, meaning Baoshan. This Sumeru Grottoes in peaks and ridges Diego peaks, rocky. The tall pines summer occasion, peach Yu Ran, abnormal beautiful scenery, is a rare scenic Loess Plateau in northwest China. Northern Dynasty has great artistic value, Sumeru large grotto art statues Sui and Tang dynasties, it is cut on the "Baoshan" Peaks cliffs. It reputed Chinese and foreign Dunhuang, Yungang and Longmen Grottoes, are China's ancient cultural heritage treasures. In 1982 the State Council as a "national key cultural relics protection units."

It is one of China's top ten famous caves, also famous Buddhist shrine, known as the "Ningxia Dunhuang." And only a cut on the old quarry very different national majority grotto is Sumeru caves dug in the gulf spaced 8 Rock Hill, the pattern of interest, but there are ladder bridge connected between the ditch. Sumeru mountain ridges and peaks, lush forests, near flowing water, beautiful scenery, is a rare scenic northwest Loess Plateau. Ladder frame between the grooves are bridged to facilitate the visit.

The term "Sumeru" was originally a Sanskrit transliteration, legend has it that the ancient Indian mythology mountains, in the Buddhist scriptures also known as "Mandala." According to Buddhist ideas, it is the king of the mountains, the center of the world, for the Buddhist cosmology. I have been looking forward to the opportunity to go there to see, to see Wang Wang Sumeru whether this can be called the mountain.须弥山石窟 Grottoes


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Contador: 1555

Inserción: 2015-12-01 14:17:38


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