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Buda Samadhi en Kurunegala


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Récord: 26.57 m

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Continente: Asia

País: Sri Lanka

Localización: Kurunegala

Año: 2003

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:DIMO provides drinking water to Athugala Samadhi Temple

Published : 12:26 am May 18, 2013

The Buddha statue on the ‘Kurunegala Rock’, or precisely the ‘Athugala Samadhi’ Temple is famous, and could be easily noticed by everyone who goes across Kurunegala, due to its strategic location. Many visitors visit the temple due to its religious importance and moreover for the scenic beauty surrounding the place.

Two years ago, at a business function held in Kurunegala, DIMO Chairman Ranjith Pandithage was approached by the ‘Buduruwa’ committee of the Athugala Samadhi Temple to seek assistance to get water to the top of the Athugala rock. The committee informed him that they had approached many organisations for help, but so far it had been futile. For many years it was only a dream for them.

In that instance Pandithage confirmed that DIMO will come forward to assist the Buduruwa committee to meet their long felt need. A team of engineers led by DIMO Fluid Management Division Head Chandima Samarasinghe, visited the location on several occasions and finalised the technical requirements. These included height calculations, flow rate calculations, pressure requirements, pump capacities, sump capacity and safety requirements.

Based on the preliminary studies done by the DIMO engineers, Buduruwa committee received a detailed technical design and a BOQ (Bill of Quantities) done. This was further enhanced with the inputs put forth by experts from DIMO and the consultants. Thereafter, the project cost was approved by Pandithage.

Yet, it took 18 months to get approvals from several relevant authorities, Kurunegala Municipal Council, National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Electricity Board, Central Environmental Authority and many more, due to the location and the complexity of the project. The civil work was outsourced while the mechanical and engineering part of the project, which included supply and installation of the pumps were done by Samarasinghe and his team.

They also carried out the power settings, testing and commissioning of the pumps. It was a challenge for the DIMO engineers and they completed it successfully. Two KSB tube well pumps and controls were used for the project, which also included a control panel room. The solution provided is a fully automated state-of-the-art fluid management system from KSB and DIMO.

Executive committee of the Buduruwa committee, Ranjith Pandithage and his wife, Vijitha Bandara and his wife, Chandima Samarasinghe and Anura Wijesinghe took part in the religious ceremonies which were held to mark the first draw of water from the project. DIMO Branch Manager Kurunegala Anura Wijesinghe played an important role in coordinating the activities with the DIMO Head office and Buduruwa committee.

DIMO is proud to assist with providing drinking water to such a monumental place that is home to the ‘Athugala Samadhi Pilimaya’. DIMO said that they were pleased to contribute to the development of such an iconic location at Kurunegala District.


Just five kilometers down the same road, history is still being carved in stone at Rambadagalla, where the Samadhi Buddha statue modeled on the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan is being hewn out of a single rock. At 67ft, it is still in the process of completion under the expert craftsmanship of a team of Indian sculptors. If you visit the site during the day, you would see how a massive block of granite is transformed into a peaceful Buddha statue and of course witness history being etched in stone right before your eyes.






Web recomendada: http://www.athagalabuddhastatue.com/

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