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Gran Buda de Rongxian


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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Rong Xian, Sichuan

Año: 1085

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Large Buddhist temple located in the outskirts of large Rongxian Foshan (also known as the Rock) foothills of the mountain 414 meters above sea level. Mid-levels above, a towering stone Zuofo Nyorai Buddha, the Buddha Statue at the World Rongxian said. Fu-body high 36.67 meters, 8.76 meters long head, shoulder width 12.67 meters, 12 meters knee-high, 3.5 meters wide feet, Smaller than that of the Leshan Giant Buddha Maitreya, the Buddha Statue at the stone for China in the second.

After the liberation, lost in a long time , The temple has been damaged. "Cultural Revolution" after the all-round maintenance of the temple repaired with State funds, to plant more trees. Now, the whole temple covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 2000 square meters, were all old buildings or architectural style of the ancients.


Large Buddhist temple in Rongxian

Rongxian Buddha Temple scenic spot is located in Sichuan Province, Zigong City Rongxian Big Buddha Temple Street, city, 34 kilometers away from Zigong, with its beautiful and reputation of China, known as the" Leshan Giant Buddha Male, Rongxian Buddha beauty "of folk praise. Large Buddhist temple is located in Rongxian outskirts of Foshan (also known as the foothills rock), the book "Buddha Temple", to Carved stone Buddha named. Large Buddhist temple built in the The Tang Dynasty , magnificent momentum, clothing lines smooth, a benevolent and kind countenance, charm is floating in the air, the ancient artists and working people to exercise one's inventive mind standout, China Carved stone Art treasures of ancient, large Buddhist temple in 1956 by the Sichuan Provincial People's The government Approved as a provincial heritage conservation units, units for The national key cultural relics protection units .


Be located Rongxian Suburb 1 kilometers east the big Buddha Temple, Buddha mountain cliff chisels, pass 36.67 meters high, is a statue of Buddha Buddha Sichuan Second, known as the Buddha, its head of 8.76 meters, width 12.67 meters, 3.5 meters wide feet. Above the Buddha head with a stone arch cover roll, engraved on the "big sleep road" four words; the cliff top and brick tower, looks like in a Buddha head Bao crown. The Great Buddha floor covering, in order to make the Buddha from wind and rain erosion, M is the large Buddhist temple's main building, the Buddha from the shoulders was yanyanshishi. Therefore, although it into the temple to see the big Buddha picture to look up to, who see the inconvenience, but the protection of the big Buddha Buddha body against external damage, still well preserved. Rongxian Buddha The cut in the northern Yuanfeng eight years (AD 1085), completed in 1092, lasted eight years.

Large Buddhist temple Shanmen book "Buddha Temple", to Carved stone Buddha named. The other buildings of the abbot room, Canon house, Buddhist temple, Dharma hall, cave, method and teahouse, a total construction area of more than 1800 square meters. Entering the temple, in addition to see foot lotus Buddha, but also to see the West Hall on the wall engraved with a 5 meters high statue of Damour, holding a rosary, his staff, foot reed, in the raging waves, the other is rare in the world. The second half of a Buddha mountain" Xiao Tai "Monument, the legend is the Jin Dynasty famous hermit sun Deng long.

The Buddha statues

Large Buddhist temple in Rongxian

Temple is the most famous big Buddha statues, commonly known as Rongxian Buddha , carved in about 40 meters high, 16 meters wide, 14 meters deep open open top big niche. Buddha Facing north, head and a flush, pass 36.67 meters high, 8.74 meters long head, shoulder width 12.67 meters, 14.6 meters wide, 12 meters high, knee, feet 3.5 meters wide, high, second only to Leshan Giant Buddha , is the second largest Carved stone The Buddha, the world's third largest Carved stone Buddha . Buddha Luoji and headdress, face slightly plump, double eyebrow have pekoe, high nose lip thick long, two ears, hands flat on the lap, right hand on the knee, his left palm upward, palm Mani beads. Good gesture (for sitting) in diamond seat. On lotus feet two roses back in front of the covered here.


Rongxian Buddha

The Grand Buddha (Dafo), built in the Tang Dynasty, is 36.67 meters high, carved into a cliff face overlooking the scenery of the whole county. Dafo's head is 8.74 meters long, shouder is 12.67 metres broad, and the insteps, 3.5 meters, is wide enough for a picnic. With its magnificent manner, graceful lines, benign face and romantic charm, it receives the acclaim of "Enjoying the magnificence of Leshan Dafo and appreciating the beauty of Rongxian Dafo".

A building used to shelter the giant statue was crashed down during a Ming Dynasty war. After several renovations, the present protective building shows the visitors all kinds of angels on Buddha. You can go to the top, opposite the head, and then descend to the feet for a Lilliputian perspective.

It would be a mistake to think of Rongxian as one big Buddha. For the Grand Buddha is situated in a monastery, Dafo Monastery, there are many other Chinese traditional monastery buildings, such as the temple for Mother Buddha, the building for arhat, Hall of Sakyamuni, and depository of Buddhist scriptures, ect. The whole buildings group is, in picturesque order, like a goose getting ready for flight.








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