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Kaga Kannon

Otro: Kaga Onsen Statue

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Récord: 73 m

Tipo: Estatuas

Categoría: Estatuas Budistas



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Continente: Asia

País: Japón

Localización: Kaga, Ishikawa Prefectura

Año: 1987

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:73 meter high Kannon

Before going back to Kobe we visited this 73 meter high Kannon statue in Kagaonsen. You can see it from miles away as it pretty much dominates the skyline of Kagaonsen. The whole site was a bit derelict, but still open to the public. Apparently it used to be some kind of religious themepark called "Utopia Kaga no Go" run by a Japanese religious cult. From what I have heard there it was financed by a wealthy businessman in the days of the bubble economy. You can go inside the Kannon and climb a large staircase all the way to the top, from where you have a nice view of the surroundings. The walls of the staircase are covered with metal plaques with the names of people who donated money to this temple/amusement park. This is by far one of the weirdest and most eerie places I have visited. We were the only ones there, apart from some cult members/caretakers and it felt a bit strange walking around the dilapidated buildings. The whole theme of this Buddhist cult amusementpark was more or less that they had "the largest" of everyting, like for example the largest Kannon, the largest temple bell, etc. While we were there all buildings were still open to the public, but from what I have read on the internet, only the Kannon is still accessible these days. Next to the themepark was a really huge abandoned hotel/convention center (anfd by huge I mean HUGE). I wondered why someone built such a huge complex in a small rural area like Kagaonsen.

The Kaga Kannon (加賀の観音) is located in Kaga (加賀), in Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県). It is 240 feet high and stands above a hill that is next to a temple that is dedicated to the Goddess Kannon. The Temple is also next to a hotsprings hotel, which is one of the reasons why this statue is visited by many travelers seeking to see the Goddess and relax at a hotspring afterwards


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