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Bodhisattva Kannon de Tazawako


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Récord: 35 m

Tipo: Estatuas

Categoría: Avalokitesvara



Ratio 5/5 (1 Voto)

Continente: Asia

País: Japón

Localización: Tazawako

Año: 1939

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Tazawa gold Taikan sound image

There is a figure of various Kannon statue of St. Kanzeonbosatsu tallest of the total length 35m in Japan but this Kannon is said that it get a figure of the basic form of Kannon.

In this Kannon, a space of light and sound, is something to be fantasy palace. (Photography prohibited)

It becomes the Karakuri mansion Can you guide in the video and sound the world of Heart Sutra.

It will tell you at the scene of five teaching of Kannon and the truth of the universe

Principal idol

Shokan'non Bodhisattva

Sound of healing shrines and temples sounds - your Buddha Guanyin large gold Tazawa

The height is 35 m in the casting Kannon statue.

Under the Shokan'non Bodhisattva statue

There is a fantasy palace.

Contents Goraigo fantasy,

Thirty-three Kannon, mandala Palace,

Mikoto three Pure Land, the wicket body,

Chinese zodiac your Mamorihonzon, and so thousand body Kannon hall.

Buddha is beautifully directed and music light in this,

Pure Land world as an image of reality

Is projected.

Explanation of the Kannon erected

It was erected in the hills of this is Komagatake

In ancient documents remain in the area of Lake Tazawa thousand two hundred years ago,

Komagatake than old Nara era,

It has been written that it was a litchi of faith deep flooding,

The Tatsuko princess of legend for manganese fulfillment,

Mairi a Buddhist prayer of hundred months days Kannon

It seems to be due to the legend went.


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