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Fushun Dafo



Récord: 21.48 m

Tipo: Estatuas




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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Fushun

Año: 2009

Estado: Terminado

Descripción: Golden Buddha located in the Nanshan deer ditch, is the Northeast's largest Saha guru Sakyamuni Buddha, gilt outdoor wrought copper statues, back on the rise amid sitting in lotus Zijin stage, "Pan Chi Hong in the other side, knot Bao raft in the maze "civilized group spirit.

Golden Buddha brass forging, was sitting; 21.48 meters high, the implication for the 21st century built lunar Chuba is Sakyamuni Buddha's birthday, so the set is 21.48 m high Buddha; Buddha body total weight 98 tons the main steel frame, profile block, layered, segmented forging, site assembly, gold-plated Buddha body, the total cost of 32 million yuan, 8 October 2009 opening a success.


Seiryuji resort

Seiryuji located in Fushun County, after the Changan Cheng village, located in the beautiful mountains and rivers of three stone deer ditch National Forest Scenic Area. Here a beautiful, scenic, gurgling stream, winding streets, is one full of magical legend of Buddhist shrines. There lifelike Lingshan Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy 100 million years old cave; there Shenseng Zuohua soaring holy monks hole; at Seiryuji main building of eight petal lotus hold up the sky gold Falun rotation; mountain south of Medicine Buddha, Lake turtle lying next to shine, Fu, Lu, Shou Samsung gathered; west Western Celestine God is great, life more than 600 years of age responsive elm, tree like a head Ben coincidence deer and deer ditch Names of reputed make Quartet , Buddha, Guanyin, the potential to drop enough escorts beings here; the north is the land of the five parties Fortuna stop, wealth Hengda's house; overlooking East Qunxian Kiyonaga treasure ten thousand mountains, mostly from the temple; around two clear spring water, such as jade-like meanders, forming two law enforcement trend; the middle Kegon Celestine, whirling leader of this division of Sakyamuni Buddha Dhammakaya 21.48-meter-high sitting Buddha Vairocana Zijin stage, the audience for the Lotus Wan Buddha, the central eastern world A public sitting Buddha, South ratnasambhava world, the Western world Amitabha, northern world amoghasiddhi, five parties together as five Buddha. Wan permitted four weeks worship 10,000 21.48 cm high Vairocana incarnation incarnation fill the Dharma table trillion, ten Fangshan Xin can also go to the home of ritual worship, Buddha body drop Lianzu in custom home, Cape-based group fans, over the application of mannose, of the house on fire as HL, Yan Fu to become the Pure Land!



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