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Puerto de Lianyungang

Otro: Lian Yun Gang Port

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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Lianyungang


Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Lianyungang(Linking Cloud Harbor, 连云港), located in northeast part of Jiangsu province and near to Yellow Sea, and it is opposite to North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

►Lianyungang Harbor:

Lianyungang is one of China's ten top harbors. It takes possession of 30 berths no less than 10,000 tons. And hundreds of berths are constructive. It has a tremendous throughput. It has become an international comprehensive business hub port and also has a close interaction with nearly 1000 harbors worldwide in the aspect of navigation communication and related business.

Lianyungang: ship anchor

- Lianyungang play to advantages documentary innovative development model

Lianyungang Port, "New Eurasian Continental Bridge end point" mark office, a huge anchor impressively standing tall. Container terminals, a Taiwan and Taiwan tall crane Qingshu "long arm" will send heavy container ship, one long beep, the great ship to sail Shanhai connected Shuitianyise distance.

Lianyungang, east bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge, is the total length of 10,900 km, across Asia and Europe in international transportation avenue starting point. Country last year through the "Jiangsu coastal development planning" will enhance the development of Lianyungang to the national strategic level, given its "north-south, east-west" strategic positioning. "Into the national strategic dream come true, we have ushered in policy aggregation, aggregation elements, focused its attention on the historic opportunity." Lianyungang City, Party Secretary Wang Jianhua said.

Ship has set sail, sail Lianyungang raised scientific development, onto a full span, a relative latecomer long journey ......

Planning guide leapfrog development

Lianyungang Huaguoshan with several overlapping peaks embracing classical literature, "Journey to the West" Take this piece of land for the creation of background. The main axis of the newly built city will be named huaguoshan Avenue. Driving on the avenue, with views over the city. We note that this road is clearly more than the city's main road wide.

"Why do huaguoshan Avenue middle so wide? This is reserved for future construction of rail transportation." Jianhua explanation. "With the development of low-carbon economy, the city depends on the future development of rail transportation to pull, you must plan ahead, you can not repair the bridge today, tomorrow and diversion."

Lianyungang Although it is one of the first 14 coastal open cities in the world, has a unique geographical advantage, has been in the eastern coastal development, "depression." Five years ago, Wang Jianhua just came as party secretary of Lianyungang, you start thinking about "depression" How the rise of the problem. He believes that "France almost on it, which was almost; made peace which was almost under it." To latecomer, it is necessary starting point for planning.

After much thought, Lianyungang City clear strategic positioning: Building China Modern Harbour Centre, the central coastal city of Lianyungang is committed to build itself into an international coastal city, modern port industrial city and Aboriginal embracing famous tourist city.

Position alignment, the next, how urban space layout? Industry how to layout? How to choose the development path? Major strategic initiatives how to promote? Related to long-term development of a series of major issues, we need to first-class planning to lead.

Lianyungang willing in the planning efforts. The fall of 2005, the municipal government invited more than 20 well-known experts and scholars, Lianyungang held strategic planning workshop and to invite tenders for the world, outside the brain, absorbing, forming a city development strategy planning the final plan.

Lianyungang City Vice Mayor DONG Chun Branch believes that this long-term planning for 2030, the most valuable is that done prospectively, binding and operability of unity, it is the most scientific and is resource configuration and the functional elements District Division.

Original eastern city of Lianyungang is only 16 square kilometers of the tiny, city, harbor, tourism and industrial development space battle between a serious problem; new plan will extend the vision in the city 205 kilometers along the coastline and along the broad The mudflats and low-yielding salt, erected a new framework, an effective solution to the city, the port, tourism and industrial development space contention issue.

First, clear the "one three pole" seaside city layout. Xinhai that the existing urban areas, the eastern city and Ganyu city as three-pole, three-pole between the salt and tidal flats on building a seaside town, and become the core of the city, between the rise in Shanghai and Qingdao, a large harbor center city.

The second is clearly the "Wings" combination port layout. One is based on the main port, highlight the hub function; wings is building to Xu Wei port, filling the estuary harbor of the south wing of the north wing Ganyu Minato Minato wings, development of port industry. Through years of efforts, the Lianyungang port built into the Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Bay between regional international hub port, container trunk port and port combination to drive regional development.

Three is clear "a vertical and a horizontal" T-type industrial layout. Longitudinal coastal industrial belt to City Development Zone as the center of the coastal industrial park as nodes, create new port industrial base; horizontal industrial belt along the East Longhai line, forming industries along the corridor, to build the city, environmentally friendly industrial consisting mainly of new manufacturing base.

"Everything in the final analysis is the question of choice of development path." Jianhua emotion. "Is to choose the path or conventional development across the development path? Very difficult. Conventional development path is transferred outside the resource elements, accumulated to a certain amount and then upgrading, which is certainly safe, but the original advantage will be lost. Leapfrog development path is drawn lessons from the experience of others, brought together a variety of high-quality elements of scientific development, strive step across a stage, with the developed countries in the region or even the simultaneous development of a sense this means that the success of both hope and possibility of failure we will Stand I hope a modern interpretation of the myth was a relative latecomer to complete the new era of "Journey to the West". "

conomy, Industry and Environment

Traditionally, Lianyungang was considered as a farming land and its fertile soil and moderate rainfall make the city one of Jiangsu’s richest agricultural areas. The agricultural products principally include rice, vegetable, poultry and fish. The city is now investing more money in boosting its green agriculture, organic food and tree plantation. The agricultural income occupied a major portion of the city’s economy in the past but has been shrinking remarkably over years, while the city is heading to industrialization.

The heavy investment in the Lianyungang has intensified the city’s rapid economic expansion. New industrial sectors include pharmaceutics, new material and new energy. The city earns its national reputation as the largest pharmaceutical manufactures for anti-cancer and anti-hepatitis drugs. More international corporations are setting up their offices here.

Lianyungang Port is the major advantage for the city. The port is sea-oriented, providing an excellent access to transport goods and bulk materials between the hinterland and overseas. As its excellent location for transit point, which offers the shortest distance in connection with the east and west coasts of Pacific Ocean, the port has been listed by the national and provincial governments as a prestigious international seaport linking Pacific countries, including Japan and South Korea.

Today, new developmental zones, including Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, have been approved by three levels of governments to speed up the city’s development. The city is enjoying its rapid growth in economy and investment.

Economic growth and environmental conservation always seems like two different approaches. Many investment projects in the city have become significant in environment contamination. The local government has been putting stiff environmental policies into practice and has spent significant funds over years to protect its ecosystem.


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