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U.S. Steel Tower

Otro: Steel Building, USX Tower


Récord: 256.34 m

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Continente: América

País: Estados Unidos

Localización: Pittsburgh, Estado de Pensilvania

Año: 1971

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:The U.S. Steel Tower

Standing 841 feet from Grant Street to its roof line, the U. S. Steel Tower has ranked as Pittsburgh’s tallest building since it opened in September 1970. Four decades later, it remains a unique and iconic structure recognized internationally for several aspects of its design and construction. Also significant is the building’s flat, triangular rooftop. Measuring over an acre in area, it closely mimics Pittsburgh’s Point in both outline and orientation.

Most remarkable is the fact that while more than 180 other buildings around the world stand taller than the U. S. Steel Tower, its roof is the largest, highest flat space on top of any building on Earth, the planet’s highest “artificial acre.”

The High Point Pittsburgh Investigation

Centered at The Frank-Ratche STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, this Investigation has conducted a multi-year succession of coordinated projects on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University that has involved more than 400 students and faculty members, as well as valued input and feedback from myriad off-campus experts.

This 11-minute video, The Roof of the World, produced by Len Caric and broadcast on WQED TV, provides further background on both the building and the Investigation.

In the ideal, High Point Pittsburgh will become southwest Pennsylvania’s “highest common denominator,” a high-visibility, self-sustaining facility and important local asset that will advance the area’s regional, national, and international reputation, help to re-define ideas about public/private partnerships, and foster a reevaluation of the potential of high rooftops everywhere.

U.S. Steel Tower, también conocido como Steel Building (antiguamente USX Tower), es el edificio más alto de Pittsburgh, el cuarto edificio más alto de Pennsylvania y el 37º edificio más alto de Estados Unidos. Completado en 1970, la torre tiene 64 plantas, una altura de 841 pies (256 m) y 2 300 000 pies² (214 000 m²) de espacio alquilable. Su nombre original fue U.S. Steel Building durante muchos años hasta que fue cambiado a USX Tower en 1988. El nombre fue finalmente cambiado de nuevo a U.S. Steel Tower en enero de 2002, para reflejar la nueva identidad corporativa de U.S. Steel (USX fue el conglomerado combinado petróleo/energía/siderurgia de la década de 1990). Aunque ya no es el dueño del edificio, U.S. Steel es uno de los mayores inquilinos, ocupando más de 500 000 pies² (50 000 m²) de espacio de oficinas. El edificio está situado en el 600 de Grant Street, código postal 15219. steel tower


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