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Crescent City Connection


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Récord: 4093 m

Récord de Anchura de Vano: 480 m

Tipo: Puentes

Categoría: Puente en ménsula



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Continente: América

País: Estados Unidos

Localización: Nueva Orleans, Luisiana

Año: 1958

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Crescent City Connection Bridges

Business US-90 Mississippi River Crossing At New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Crescent City Connection Bridges are actually two different bridges built 29 years apart. The southbound span was built first, and the northbound span was added three decades later just downstream of the older structure. While the two spans are the same length, and look similar, closer inspection shows significant differences. Some of these differences include the new span being wider, T shaped piers on the newer span, a truss deck section on the older span, and more welding (in place of bolting) on the newer span. The older span was the longest continuous truss bridge in the world when it opened. The 3,019 foot long truss superstructure and 1,575 foot long main span still rate as some of largest continuous truss bridges on the planet.

The older bridge span was named the Greater New Orleans Bridge when built. The newer bridge span was initially called the Greater New Orleans Bridge #2. The Louisiana DOT held a contest to name the bridges. The Louisiana state legislature officially adopted the Crescent City Connection name in 1989. The bridge name refers to the crescent shaped curve in the Mississippi River as it flows past the heart of central New Orleans.

The bridges are currently configured with 4 lanes in each direction, plus 2 HOV lanes. The older span has 4 lanes heading southbound out of New Orleans. The newer span has 4 lanes heading northbound into New Orleans, plus 2 reversible HOV lanes. The northbound span has a toll of one dollar for a standard automobile, less for those with electronic toll tags. This is one of only two toll bridges remaining on the Mississippi River. These are the last bridges over the Mississippi River when heading south. The remaining four river crossings below these bridges are ferry boats.


El Crescent City Connection abreviado CCC, son dos puentes paralelos que cruzan el río Misisipi en la ciudad de Nueva Orleans, Luisiana.

Es el puente más alejado aguas abajo en el río Misisipi. También es el puente más amplio y más transitado en el río Misisipi aguas abajo, los únicos puentes similares en el Misisipi se encuentran en el área de Minneapolis y Saint Paul (Minnesota) (puente I-35W del río Misisipi el puente de Dartmouth, y una vez completado y expandido el puente de Wakota). Están en el puesto cinco entre los puentes en ménsula más grandes del mundo.


The Crescent City Connection (CCC), formerly the Greater New Orleans Bridge (GNO), refers to twin cantilever bridges that carry U.S. Route 90 Business over the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. They are tied as the fifth-longest cantilever bridges in the world. Each span carries four general-use automobile lanes; additionally the westbound span has two reversible HOV lanes across the river.

It is the farthest downstream bridge on the Mississippi River. It is also the widest and most heavily traveled bridge on the lower Mississippi; the only other comparable bridges on the Mississippi are in the St. Louis Area, those being the Poplar Street Bridge, the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, and the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.





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