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Puente Fred Hartman

Otro: Puente Baytown

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Récord: 4000 m

Récord de Anchura de Vano: 381 m

Tipo: Puentes

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Continente: América

País: Estados Unidos

Localización: Houston Ship Channel, Harris County, south of Baytown, Texas and north of La Porte, Texas

Año: 1995

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Fred Hartman Bridge

Texas 146, La Porte, Texas, La Porte 77571

An elegant misfit in the brutal world of Houston transportation, the Fred Hartman bridge gracefully carries traffic up and over the Houston Ship Channel between the cities of La Porte and Baytown. A recent addition to the area, it stands proudly on par with the great cable-stay bridges of the world including the more relaxed, but still pioneering, Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam. Two sets of steel-reinforced concrete diamonds carry two separate bridge decks of Texas 146 to a height of 178 feet that keeps them away from the traffic of the busy seaport. The towers are each 440 feet tall, and the bridge itself is 1,250 feet long, though the approach ramps make it seem much longer. Photographing the bridge can be difficult because of the lack of access roads and the marshy terrain in the area. The only way to really appreciate this bridge and its yellow diamonds is to have someone else drive you over it.

Quick Facts

Construction start: 1986

Construction finish: 1995

Designed by: District 12 of the Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation

Cost: $117,500,000

Type: Bridge

Maximum Height: 440 feet / 134 meters

Maximum Length: 1250


The Fred Hartman Bridge replaced the Baytown-La Porte Tunnel, which replaced the Morgans Point Ferry. A $17.5 million plan was put together to have the tunnel was sealed, its tube floated in three sections 30 miles off the coast of Galveston Island, and sunk to form an artificial reef. That plan was cancelled in 1997 because of insurance costs and the inconvenience of closing the Houston Ship Channel during transport. Instead, the tunnel was demolished in place.

Fred Hartman Bridge

Baytown, LaPorte, Texas

When the Fred Hartman Bridge opened in 1995, it eliminated a restrictive tunnel under the Houston Ship Channel and alleviated years of stress for countless frustrated drivers. It was also an aesthetic success, providing a new and exciting signature span for Texas. Today, it is one of the world’s most well-known cable-stayed bridges, accommodating 200,000 vehicles per day.

URS developed the unique, award-winning double-diamond towers that stand as tall as a 45 story building yet efficiently resist hurricane winds. The cable-stayed main span unit is 2,475 feet long – the length of eight football fields – and allows eight lanes of traffic to smoothly flow 175 feet over the Houston Ship Channel.

The Fred Hartman Bridge

Fred Hartman Bridge - photo by Bert Marshall

The bridge, named for Fred Hartman (1908-1991), the editor and publisher of the Baytown Sun from 1950 to 1974, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Texas, and one of only two such bridges in the state, the other being the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Orange County, Texas. The construction cost of the bridge was $117.5 million.

Length 13,200'

Span 1,250'

Height 178'

Magnificent beautiful structure.

Built 1986-1995 Opened 9-27-1995

The Fred Hartman Bridge or Baytown Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in the U.S. state of Texas,[2] spanning the Houston Ship Channel. The bridge carries 2.6 miles (4 km) of State Highway 146, between the cities of Baytown, Texas and La Porte, Texas[2] [3] (east of Houston). It is expected to carry State Highway 99, the Grand Parkway when it is completed around Houston.[citation needed]


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