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Puente Lindsay C. Warren río Alligator


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Récord: 4550 m

Tipo: Puentes




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Continente: América

País: Estados Unidos

Localización: Fort Landing, Carolina del Norte

Año: 1960

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Just before mile marker eighty five we came to a swing bridge at the entrance to the Alligator River, and radioed a request to open it. The operator said they were performing maintenance on it and couldn't open it for about 45 minutes.

On some charts this is called the East Lake Swing Bridge. It is also known as the Lindsay C. Warren Bridge. The photo shows Lindsay spelled with an E but I believe it is wrong.

Since the wind had stopped blowing, we decided this was a good time to take down the mainsail and we took it down while waiting for the bridge to open.

After about 15 minutes a large yacht approached the bridge and the bridge opened. The large yacht did not even have to slow down.

We motored down the Alligator River until after sunset. The river was smooth as glass, no wind, and we had a beautiful sunset. Except for the yacht that went through the bridge in front of us, we did not see any other boats. As it got too dark to continue safely, we pulled about a quarter mile off the channel and dropped anchor for the night.

US-64 Alligator River Bridge reopens

By WCTI Staff

POSTED: 6:32 AM Apr 15 2013


The U.S. 64 swing bridge over the Alligator River between Tyrrell and Dare counties was reopened to traffic Sunday evening after being closed for 12 days.

A key part used to keep the bridge closed and support the weight of the vehicles called a wedge guide broke during repairs. That part was repaired Sunday, and the bridge reopened at 11:45 p.m.

N.C. Department of Transportation crews removed signs on U.S. 64 once the bridge was open. Detour signing on N.C. 94 and U.S. 264 will be removed Monday morning.

During the closure, the bridge was swung into the open position. Workers replaced the center pivot and eight balance wheels. Workers adjusted the new parts of the bridge, as well as performed work on the gear and drive shafts.

The bridge opens an average of 500 times a month. Due to the amount of use, the mechanical components of the bridge were worn and needed to be replaced.


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