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Canal Weser-Elba

Otro: Canal Mittelland


Récord: 325.70 km

Tipo: Canales




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Continente: Europa

País: Alemania

Localización: Comunica el Elba, el Weser y el Canal Dortmund-Ems

Año: 1906

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:El Canal Weser-Elba (en alemán Mittellandkanal) es, con sus 325,7 km de longitud, el canal fluvial artificial más largo de Alemania.1 Tiene un recorrido en dirección Este-Oeste y se comunica con el Canal Rin-Herne y el Canal Dortmund-Ems, formando parte de la red de canales alemana que, en total, alcanza los 7.500 km de longitud.2

The Mittelland Canal, also known as the Midland Canal, (German: Mittellandkanal) is a major canal in central Germany. It forms an important link in the waterway network of that country, providing the principal east-west inland waterway connection. Its significance goes beyond Germany as it links France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries with Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic Sea.[1]

At 325.7 kilometres (202.4 mi) in length,[2] the Mittelland Canal is the longest artificial waterway in Germany.


The Mittelland Canal branches off the Dortmund-Ems Canal[2] at Hörstel (near Rheine, at 52°16′37″N 7°36′18″E), runs north along the Teutoburg Forest, past Hannover and meets with the Elbe River near Magdeburg (52°14′46″N 11°44′49″E). Near Magdeburg it connects to the Elbe-Havel Canal,[2] making a continuous shipping route to Berlin and on to Poland.[1]

At Minden the canal crosses the river Weser over two aqueducts (the second completed in 1998), and near Magdeburg it crosses the Elbe, also with an aqueduct. Connections by side canals exist at Ibbenbüren, Osnabrück, Minden (two canals connecting to the Weser), Hanover-Linden, Hanover-Misburg, Hildesheim and Salzgitter.[2] West of Wolfsburg, the Elbe Lateral Canal branches off, providing a connection to Hamburg, and (via the Elbe-Lübeck Canal) to the Baltic Sea.


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