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Istanbul Sapphire


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Récord: 261 m

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Continente: Europa

País: Turquía

Localización: Estambul

Año: 2011

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Istanbul Sapphire / Tabanlioglu Architects

Architects: Tabanlioglu Architects / Melkan Gürsel & Murat Tabanlioglu

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year: 2011

Project Area: 165,169 sqm

Photographs: Helene Binet, Thomas Mayer

Istanbul Sapphire, the highest structures in Istanbul and Turkey, is a residential, leisure and shopping center project located in the “business administration” center of the city. The building rises in agreement with the surrounding high-rises and is still of nature-friendly facilities like vertical gardens. In addition to the comfort provided by modern technology, Istanbul Sapphire has the infrastructure and the location that will ensure easy transportation.

The building façade consists of two independent shells. The interiors are protected from adverse weather conditions and noise on account of the outer shell. This transparent shell also serves as a buffer zone between the indoor area and the outside, and has a positive effect on structural solutions.

The space created between the two shells is used as gardens and terraces of each apartment; every three floors is a component with a garden floor and two floors overlooking the gardens. Around the atrium there are nine or fewer apartments, depending on the size of each unit. Residents are living in a tower, yet have the feeling that they are sharing a 3-floor house with close neighbors. Its the same feeling t hey would have in country side or in a traditional Istanbul house, with the indoor gardens offering a natural and a warm setting for those living at higher levels.

The garden zone is naturally ventilated though the louvers, taking the air in at lower lever and pushing it out at the top. The louvers automatically open and close according to weather conditions and the interior temperature is always almost equal to the exterior temperature. Environmental friendly systems of the construction grant low energy consumption.

In different levels of the building, there are 187 residences of different sizes. The building is planned as 4 separate housing zones, linked with 4 common areas between the sections. Besides the inner gardens, recreation areas, such as a mini golf course with a great Bosporus view or a swimming pool overlooking the cityscape, are programmed. The buffer zones also house the maintenance and support facilities and the mechanical systems of the building.


El Istanbul Sapphire (Zafiro de Estambul) es -tras su finalización en 2011- el edificio más alto de la zona financiera de Levent en Estambul, y el segundo más alto de Estambul y Turquía cuando en el 2015 se terminen las obras del Diamante de Estambul (Diamond of Istanbul), actualmente en construcción en el barrio vecino de Maslak.

Levanta 54 plantas por encima de la cota de suelo y llega hasta una altura de 238 metros (261 incluyendo la antena).

Ocupa un solar de 11.339 m2 y tiene una superficie construida total de 157.800 m2, incluyendo 35.000 m2 de centro comercial.




http://www.panoramio.com/user/4975753/tags/İstanbul Sapphire Kule




Web recomendada: https://www.istanbulsapphire.com/

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