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Puente Seohae


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Récord: 7310 m

Tipo: Puentes




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Continente: Asia

País: Corea del Sur

Localización: Pyongtaek (Gyeonggi) y Dangjin (Chungcheongnam)

Año: 2000

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Seohae Bridge to Open in November

Seohae bridge, the longest bridge in Korea, was opened to the public on Sunday. At 1:30pm, 100,000 people from Pyongtaek of Kyonggi province and Dangjin of South Chungchong province gathered to celebrate the coming of the new bridge, and a number of traditional events were held. As night fell, some 1,000 lamps of five different colors were turned on at the central tower of the bridge, simultaneously, fireworks and laser shows embroidered the sky.

After seven years of construction, the Seohae bridge will officially be opened this mid November. The bridge links the 8km between Heegok-ri, Posung-myon, Pyongtaek-shi, Kyonggi province, and Bokeun-ri, Songak-myon, Dangjin-gun, South Chungchong province. The 7.31km long bridge with six lanes is the ninth longest bridge in the world. The most important part of the bridge is the area where some 990m is suspended between two 182m tall towers. Because the distance between the legs of the bridge is 470m wide, even the passage of 50,000ton ship is possible.

Hangdam Island, which is located on the path of the bridge, will be developed into a leisure town complex by 2004.

The Ministry of Construction and Transportation (MOCT) announced that the opening of the bridge will ease traffic jams in the area, by linking the Pyongtaek and Dangjin directly. The distance between Seoul and Dangjin has also been reduced and can now be reached in an hour and 10 minutes from the previous one hour and 40 minutes. Logistics costs are expected to be cut by W100 billion annually thanks to the bridge, and traffic between Suwon and Chonan will be radically reduced.

Simultaneously, the MOCT is opening the Anjung-Dangjin (18.8km) section, thereby increasing the open sections of Western Coastal Express Highway from Inchon-Anjung to Inchon-Dangjin. When all the sections of the express highway are opened in 2001, traffic will be dispersed, and that previously centered on the Seoul-Pusan highway will be diversified along the Seoul-Mokpo section, leading to more balanced development of

the country. Seo Won-kyu of the MOCT said, "Seohae bridge is the central axis of the logistics in the western coast and transactions with China. It will serve as the stronghold for the Age of West Coast."


The Seohae Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that connects Pyongtaek and Dangjin, South Korea. Bridge construction started in 1993 and was completed in 2000 at a cost of 677.7 billion won.[2] During construction part of the southern approach viaduct collapsed on August 5, 1999.[1] The bridge opened on November 9, 2000.[1]





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