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Guanyin en Templo Huaxing



Récord: 23.30 m.

Tipo: Estatuas




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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Huaxing Temple in OCT East in Shenzhen


Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Huaxing Temple is located in the Shenzhen OCT altitude of 486 meters of "Angiopteris" hill, it covers 12,000 square meters, including: Angiopteris treasure like, Huaxing Temple Tanyue hotel, wonderful phase Zen, "Sounds of Heaven Van Music" Main Hall, allspice community, Katsumi fasting, normalized Court, cloud water tang. Is a showcase of traditional Chinese Buddhist culture, very Zen. Enlighten the mind. Enlightenment life religious and cultural tourism park.

Buddha sitting on a lotus

Angiopteris like 23.3 meters high, the use of 158 tons of imitation gold and copper casting. Angiopteris holographic theme designed for four Guanyin: south Guanyin is "holy Goddess of Mercy"; north Guanyin is "Songzi Guanyin"; west Guanyin as "lotus hand Bodhisattva"; east Guanyin is "holy Goddess of Mercy," the main body one form "the world Guanyin." Guanyin is oval at the top of a tower surrounded by three-dimensional hollow relief, of which the Buddhist country in the world to do now immeasurable perfection. On top of oval tower Elysium rosette on three sides with the body but Jiafu Zuo solemn Buddha, Amitabha three sides with the body, the elliptical tower Paradise and Guanyin four as clever as a whole, the Goddess of Mercy and oriental origins of Tibetan heritage history of sculpture language intuitively reveal deep Buddhist culture of tolerance and now Bodhisattva deeds should human suffering and meet the aspirations of life.


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