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Guanyin de la Montaña en Dongguan


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Récord: 33 m

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Continente: Asia

País: China

Localización: Dongguan

Año: 2001

Estado: Terminado

Descripción:Buddha Mountain is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province Zhangmutou town, 1.5 km from the town center, with a total area of ​​18 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate reached 99%, is the set of ecological tourism, recreation and religious culture as one of the national AAAA tourist attractions, known as the "Southern shrine, one hundred Guangdong Fam."

Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park, is a set of ecological, religious tourism and leisure as one of the major integrated area. Guanyin park covers an area of ​​more than one thousand square meters square, plastic has a thirty-three meters high and weighs three thousand three hundred tons, by the nine hundred ninety-nine assembled from granite Putian in Fujian Province Guanyin statue. Before the icon, arranged around a statue of Eighteen. Ancillary buildings and Mercy Temple, bell tower, Wealth God, dining and Buddhist culture exhibition hall, was built in the "only way" Menfang, lookout pavilion, pond, etc.

Guanyin Mountain historic, majestic mountains, lush forests, with a rich cultural heritage. According to legend, merciful Bodhisattva Guanyin Mountain of Turkey entering the residence at the time of the first, and its hilltop Guanyin temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple due to the Goddess of Mercy, turned thirty-six Dharmakaya, says that it is thousands of years, green lamp lights do not put out, incense constantly

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park is located in Dongguan City Zhangmutou town, 1.5 km from the town center, with a total area of 18 square kilometers, more than 99% forest coverage, is a cultural eco-tourism and religious tourism as one of the natural scenic, alias "South-day holy Land." Guanyinshan historic, majestic mountains, lush forests, a rich cultural heritage. Park all year round fresh air, flowers, spots everywhere, high levels of negative ions, rare birds and animals come and go from time to time, plants that hill and dale. Vast forests stretching the original times, the unique ecological features, winding streets, step a scene, moving the legend, the park in Dongguan's largest and most concentrated natural waterfalls, drop three hundred and eighty meters of Suoi Tien waterfall flying beads splash jade, spectacular, and more top thirty-six Purdue River Falls, ethereal clarity, dexterity peculiar: the world's largest as ranked basalt Bodhisattva Guanyin Peak, thirty-three m clear height, weighing three thousand tons, magnificent, carved, elegant style, life is a very rare style of stone carving art of the Tang Dynasty; an area of ​​ten thousand square meters of the Goddess of Mercy Square vision, can Zhangmutou panoramic bird's eye view, but also far Vision Huizhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, bright night. Park, 50,000 square meters of built International Convention and Exhibition Centre, a building area of ​​1,200 square meters and 600 square meters large exhibition hall comprehensive stage, a variety of exhibitions and activities, the best place.

Guanyin Mountain Park is a typical sub-tropical maritime climate, suitable for a variety of plant and animal growth, Dongguan area have the most primitive times Sau Mau forest. Now has initially identified, 1,000 kinds of plants within the park, at least seven kinds of national protection of endangered species, 300 kinds of animals.

Currently, the Goddess of Mercy Temple, whitewater adventure, cable car, aviation sports club, water park, bird paradise, Memorial Forest area, Hakka village, 100 orchards and other projects, and Fei Hotel, War Memorial Hall is stepping up preparations for construction.

Ci Yunge is located Guanyinshan - fly Yunling Peak, high 60 meters, a total of 12 floors, 8000 square meters, the highest Court, like the top, like the ancient original Hosta, where they stand, a landmark for the Zhangmutou . Denglin be overlooking Guanyinshan Deluxe, picture of the city overlooking the camphor, various types of integrated services and facilities all together.

Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park is completed, choose very aura of granite, by artificial polish, lasted three,

Please eventually become clear height thirty-three meters and weighs three thousand three hundred tons, by the nine hundred ninety-nine Fujian Putian assembled from the world's largest granite granite Bodhisattva statue.

Guanyin statue dominating the hill, sitting on top of Sumeru rosette, head Dai Baoguan, dressed tink, Jianpi silk cape, pectoral necklace, left hand holding a garland,

Indian diamond right hand knot fearless, simple and elegant, lifelike, is extremely rare Tang style of stone carving art.中国大佛览胜.htm

Guanyin is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. The name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin, which means "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World". She is also sometimes referred to as Guanyin Pusa (simplified Chinese: 观音菩萨; traditional Chinese: 觀音菩薩; pinyin: Guānyīn Púsà; literally "Bodhisattva Guanyin").[1] Some Buddhists believe that when one of their adherents departs from this world, they are placed by Guanyin in the heart of a lotus, and then sent to the western pure land of Sukhāvatī.[2]

It is generally accepted among East Asian adherents that Guanyin originated as the Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara (अवलोकितेश्वर). Commonly known in English as the Mercy Goddess or Goddess of Mercy,[3] Guanyin is also revered by Chinese Taoists (or Daoists) as an Immortal. However, in folk traditions such as Chinese mythology, there are other stories about Guanyin's origins that are outside jatakas of Avalokiteśvara recorded in Buddhist sutras.


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